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Rose Library - Cleveland Community College

HIS 131--American History I (Travis Huss)

American History 1500-1800

The following call number ranges can help you locate books that fit the time frame specified for this assignment.

E 51-73 (Pre-Columbian America)

E 75-99 (Native Americans)

E 101-135 (Discovery of America)

E 186-298 (Colonial and Revolutionary Era)

F 1-320 (Regional US history for New England, Mid-Atlantic States, Southern Atlantic States, and Florida.  This is where information on things like Plymouth and Jamestown etc. will be found.


American History 1800-1877

The following call number ranges can help you locate books that fit the time frame specified for this assignment.

E 75-99 (Native Americans)

E 333-600 (Thomas Jefferson's administration through the American Civil War)

HIS 131 Rose Library books

The links below are book suggestions for these assignments. These are not exhaustive lists. Please feel free to search other topics from the assigned time period that interest you. Please make sure to view all tabs at the bottom of the Excel sheet.  Each tab contains more book suggestions.

Book Review 1 - 1500-1800

Book Review 2 - 1800-1877

CCP eBook Access

CCP students only:

In addition to the e-Books that are available to you at Rose Library, you also have access to e-Books through the Cleveland County Memorial Library.

How to Access E-Books from Cleveland County Memorial Library for use in HIS 131/132

CCP students have access to two eBook Libraries: E-iNC Library and NC Kids Digital Library.

Directions to access NC Kids Digital Library:

  1. Download Libby app to your device (does not work on Chromebooks).
  2. After installing the app, you must choose a library.  Select NC Kids Digital Library.
  3. Enter your lunch number (PowerSchool number). Your PIN number is the last 4 digits of your lunch number.
  4. Click “Explore.”
  5. Scroll down to “Subjects.”
  6. Click on “History” or “Historical Fiction.”
  7. When you find a book that interests you, please read the summary to make sure it fits within the timeframe of your assignment.
  8. Click on “Borrow.”
  9. You are checking out this book.  Please take time to read it before you lose access. When you borrow a book, it will tell you how long you have, i.e. 14 days.

To change to the E-iNC Library:

  1. Click on the black and white Libby app circle in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select “Add a Library”
  3. Choose E-iNC Library. Now you will have access to both Libraries.
  4. Use the same search instructions as for the NC Kids Digital Library.

E-iNC has fewer books to select, and you may select up to 4 items.

NC Kids Digital Library has unlimited checkouts.