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Rose Library - Cleveland Community College

HIS 111--World Civilization I

Searching the Web

Searching the internet for reliable and current sources can be a challenge. Following the steps below can you help you effectively find and evaluate websites.

•Select a Search Engine
Which search engine are you going to use? (For example: Google, Bing, Yahoo) 

•Construct Search Terms and Phrase
What are you going to search? Avoid generic terms and phrasing.

•Evaluate the Results
Finding information is usually the easy part. The hard part is deciding what is considered a good source and what you should use. Check out the Website Evaluations page for some tips!

History Research Guide

There is a History research guide available to you that has sources already identified (including books and websites), some of which might be helpful. Visit the History research guide and choose World History and Ancient History for the best results.

History Research Guide


Rose Library offers you access to thousands of eBooks. The following are links to collections that might be helpful to you. For more information on eBooks, please visit the eBook page.

Suggested Databases

The following databases might prove helpful in providing you with information for your papers. For more information on databases, please visit the Databases page