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Formatting: The Basics

APA, like all styles, requires papers to be formatted a certain way.

  • Typed
  • Use 1 inch margins all around
  • Fonts: Times New Roman 12pt, Arial 11pt, Georgia 11pt, Calibri 11pt, Lucinda Sans Unicode 10pt
  • All text throughout the paper should be double-spaced

Paper Styles

There are two types of papers in APA 7th edition: professional and student

The student paper does not contain a running head nor abstract.

Formatting: Title Page

Title Page

  • The Title Page should contain the paper's title, the student's name, the student's institutional affiliation, course name and number, the instructor's name, and the date centered in the upper half of the page


Formatting: Reference Page

Your list of reference appears at the end of your paper.  If you cited a source in the text of your paper, it must be listed here; if you list a reference here, it must be cited in your paper.

Overall Page

  • Begin on a new page, separate from your paper
  • Title the page Reference (top of page, center-aligned) - the word should appear bolded.
  • All text should be double-spaced
  • Entries should be alphabetized by the last name of the first author of the work (or the title if not author is available)
  • After the first line of each entry, you should indent one-half inch (hanging indentation)

Individual Entries

  • Invert authors' names (last name first)
  • Give the last name and initial for all authors up to seven; if there are more than seven, list the first six, add ellipses, and then list the last author's name
  • Maintain a periodical's title's punctuation and capitalization
  • For books, chapters, articles, and web pages, capitalize the first of the title and subtitle only
  • Italicize longer works like books and journals
  • Do not italicize or put quotation marks around shorter works
  • Note that sources in online academic publications like scholarly journals now require DOIs or stabel URLs if they are available.