Rose Library - Cleveland Community College

Services for Students

Infographic with a blue top and green bottom divided by a wavy line.  The title is "Rose Library Support". It then lists "Application Panel Login"; "Student Email"; "Blackboard"; "My Cleveland"; "CCC Alert" and "Office 365".  There is a horizonal line and below the line it reads "For phone and online support contact the CCC HelpDesk 704-669-4133 with the email address  There is also a picture of the interior of the Rose Library.


Students are able to print from the copier machine located in the Rose Library. 

Items you need to get started:

1. Copier Code: Student copy codes are found in the Apps Panel under the Campus Printing App. Click SHOW in the top left corner to reveal your number.

2. Money: Students must have money to purchase their copies or prints.

  • Black & White prints: 10 cents each
  • Color prints: 35 cents each

Ways to pay for printing:

1. Cash - one time payment

2. Cash deposit to virtual account

3. Debit/Credit Card deposit to virtual account

After Hours Support

If you need assistance when the CCC Help Desk is closed, you can contact the following 24/7 Technical Support sites. 

Application Panel

The applications listed below can be accessed via the Application Panel. The Help Desk can assist you in logging in for the first time, as well as resetting your password in the event you forget.

Blackboard - The Help Desk can provide basic troubleshooting for Blackboard issues.

Self-Service/MyCleveland - Students can view vital information like transcripts, financial aid award letters, class schedules, course catalog, etc. 

Student Email - The Help Desk will assist you in logging into your student email for the first time or will assist you in logging in if you have forgotten your password.

CCC Alert - CCC Alert is the campus warning system. CCC Alert will leave a voicemail, email, or text message informing students of inclement weather, campus closings, or dangerous situations on the campus of Cleveland Community College. The Help Desk will assist students in signing up for CCC Alert.

Office 365 - The Help Desk provides general troubleshooting for the use of Microsoft Office, as well as how-to guidance for non-assignment related issues (i.e., the Help Desk cannot help you with an Excel spreadsheet if your assignment is to build an Excel spreadsheet.)