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Instructional Technology: VidGrid Streaming Video Server

What is VidGrid?

What is VidGrid?

VidGrid is Cleveland Community College's video streaming server solution. Faculty and staff can use the VidGrid server to stream video content to students or others.

VidGrid can be accessed through the CCC portal
as well as the VidGrid mashup tool in Blackboard.


How to record a video
VidGrid Tutorials


·Uploading videos

Remember to only upload original video material to VidGrid. If you are using copyrighted material created by others, contact the Director of the Library.

Videos can be recorded or uploaded through the VidGrid mashup in Blackboard.  Using Blackboard




         How to add captions using VidGrid:  Adding Video Captions

Rules for adding captions:

  1. If you have been notified that you have a student in your class who requires captions, then the video needs to be captioned.
  2. If you plan to use the video for more than one semester then the video needs to be captioned; otherwise, there is no need for captioning (the only exception is the first rule).

graphic representation of rules listed above