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Rose Library - Cleveland Community College

Linking to the Rose Library's Online Resources

On-Campus Instructions

This page will show you how to link to Rose Library's online content if you are accessing that content from on-campus. If you are accessing our online content from off-campus, please see the Off-Campus Instructions.

If you have any problems setting up a link,  contact Leslie Queen at 704-669-4058 / to set up an appointment for a one-on-one walkthrough.

Step 1: Find the Static URL

After you find an article, eBook, or video that you would like to use in your course, the first step is finding that article's or eBook's static or stable URL. Databases are in a constant state of flux; information comes in and out on a daily basis. As a result, you cannot depend on URL from the address bar. It is dynamic, meaning it will change frequently with the flux of information. If you pull the dynamic URL from the address bar, you run the risk of the link breaking in as little as a few hours.

Static or stable URLs are often found in the main toolbar that accompanies an article, eBook, or video though that will vary by vendor. Many times they are often called something other than the static or stable URL.


In Proquest databases, the stable URL is found in the Indexing (details) section at the bottom of the article, simply title Document URL.


In EBSCO databases (including eBooks collections), the stable URL is referred to as a Permalink and is found in the article or eBook's toolbar, located to the left.


In Gale databases the stable URL is referred to as a Bookmark and is found in the article toolbar, located to the left.

Films on Demand/ NCLive

In Films on Demand, the static/stable URL is listed under the video as Title or Segment URL.  If the video is in NCLive ( Films on Demand is now in NCLive) you must hover over the title of the film while in the results list for the static URL. Then you should add the ezproxy as listed below.


Step 2: Add the Base Proxy Information

Once you have located the static/stable URL, your second step is adding the base proxy URL to the front of it.

Resources purchased by the Rose Library are only accessible to our students, faculty, and staff. If you are on campus, you are able to use our resources by way of IP recognition. However, if you are off-campus, you are required to authentic using your College username and password. This authentication is automatic for the databases and collections through the library's website, but not for the individual articles and eBooks you might use in your courses. 

In order to ensure your students can authenticate themselves and access the material off campus, you must add the base proxy URL to the front of your static/stable URL. 

The base proxy URL is as follows:

AFTER AUGUST 2, 2018 use:




The Completed Link

A completed link would look like this:

This link is ready to be added into Blackboard! Students will now be able to access that content both on-campus and off.