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CJC 111: Intro to Criminal Justice


 For this assignment, you will be constructing a brochure Image of a person working on a computer. about a chosen or assigned career in the Criminal Justice field (for example: police officer, FBI agent, probation officer, etc.). After selecting a career, research that career and present your findings to the class in a brochure. Along with the brochure, you are to submit a one - two page report outlining the following about this particular career (this information should also be included in the brochure so be creative):

  1. A description of the career.
  2. The minimum qualifications (included, but not limited to education, training, experience, etc.)
  3. The hiring process.
  4. Salary information.
  5. Benefits.
  6. 2 interesting facts.
  7. 2 related graphics.
  8. References must be included in APA Format

See full assignment details here.