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Rose Library - Cleveland Community College

CJC 112: Criminology

Part 2: Theory and Explanation

The purpose of part 2 of this part of the project is to discuss  Image of a person working on a computer. and decide upon a theory or theories you think BEST explains  the criminal behavior and/or criminal you selected in part 1.

For part 2, you are to choose 2-3 theories discussed in this course (we may or may not have covered the best theory for  your criminal at this point) to apply to the crime/criminal you selected in part 1. If none of the theories we have covered thus far seem to apply, look ahead, and select a theory to be covered later. We will cover all the major theories before this part is due. Once you have selected 3 theories, you will need to compose a research paper that explains each of the theories and addresses the following for EACH theory:

  1. A discussion of the importance of criminology and how we use these explanations.
  2. A thorough explanation of each theory.
  3. Recent academic research that supports each theory (your book usually contains several, but Criminal Justice journals will also have published studies on all theories covered in our textbook). You will need to cite at lease 1 study to support each theory.
  4. A discussion of any critiques or shortcomings of each theory and how they can be overcome (your book usually has a discussion on this as well for each of the theories).
  5. Be sure to include in-text citation in APA format and a reference page in APA format.

You will combine parts 1 and 2 with the final section to submit as your final project. The more thorough your explanation is here, the easier it will be to select a final theory and apply it to your crime/criminal for your final project. YOU DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT DISCUSS YOUR PARTICULAR CRIME IN THIS PART; just focus on explaining the theories and providing the support for them.

  1. The paper should be between 2 and 3 pages in length Image of a typed paper with red marks on it with a red pen laying on top.(at least 1 paragraph for each theory), typed, double spaced with reasonable margins and fonts.
  2. Appropriate in-text citations, where needed, in APA format.
  3. A reference page should be included, with at lease 3 sources cited in APA format, more if you want. You book can and likely should be one of these. Please visit the Rose Library for assistance in finding academic sources and citing.

APA Citations:

  • For instructions on how to create APA 7th edition citations, please see the APA Citations page.
  • Biography in Context
    • Search through thousands of biographies on influential and famous people throughout history.
  • Criminal Justice
    • Database filled with resources for individuals' study for professions related to law, law enforcement, or terrorism.
  • Criminal Justice Database ProQuest
    • Research on crime, its causes and impacts, legal and social implications, as well as litigation and crime trends.

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