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EMS/EMT Toolkit: Home

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  Safety Information

These safety tips for EMTs are intended to keep EMTs from harm on the job.

  • Check Out the Scene. In the world of emergency medicine, it is not just about the patient.
  • Work With the Police. 
  • Always Use All Safety Equipment. 
  • Consider Cultural Differences. 
  • Create a Plan with Your Partner.
  • Find out more about EMT Safety here.

  Library Books

  Library Videos

  Free Apps

  • Medscape - prescription medication and medical condition references as well as drug interactions
  • PocketCPR - learn and practice CPR
  • PulsePoint AED - locate person and AED
  • PULSARA - communication with team
  • ERG 2020 - resource to help deal with hazmat accidents during the critical first 30 minutes
  • EMT Tutor Lite - quizzes, flashcards, scenarios, etc
  • Resusciation! - patient simulator
  • Twiage EMS - stream real-time patient alerts with hospital or ER care team
  • NREMT Practical Flashcards