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CJC 112: Criminology

Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this project, you described a specific Image of a person working on a computer. crime or criminal and then explained possible theories that you felt would best explain this crime. For part 3 of this project, you will need to specifically apply ONE of the theories you discussed in part 2 to the crime or criminal selected. In other words, how does the selected theory explain why your selected crime/criminal occurred? This is where you will actually apply a theory to the crime.

For example, if you choose the BTK killer for part 1 and described his crimes and background; and they you choose Modeling theory as one of your theories and explained it in part 2; then you will now discuss how Modeling theory can be used to explain his specific crime. Maybe he was consistently exposed to violence of women as a child at home and on television. You would use his background to show how his criminal behavior was modeled after his home life and childhood exposure to violence on television and link this to Modeling theory to explain his crimes.

It is unlikely that you will need to cite any new sourcesImage of a typed paper with red marks on it with a red pen laying on top. here; however, if you reuse information that you gathered from other parts, be sure to re-cite it properly in text within this section. If you do use new information, please be sure to cite where necessary and add that source to your reference page if it is new. This section should be approximately 1-2 pages.

APA Citations:

  • For instructions on how to create APA 7th edition citations, please see the APA Citations page.