Rose Library - Cleveland Community College

Library Behavior Policy

Library users must comply with the College’s Student Code of Conduct and Computer Network Use Policy. In addition, Library employees will enforce the following rules:

1. Library users must carry a form of photo ID while in the Library. 

2. Any behavior disruptive to Library use is not allowed. 

3. Talking on cell phones is not allowed.  All cell phones ringers must be set to silent.

4. Food and drinks are not allowed.

5. Library users must comply with the College’s Computer Network Use Policy (1.26.1).

6. Library users, students, and community patrons must comply with Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Disciplinary Procedures (Student Code of Conduct) (6.5). 

Any student violating Library rules will be asked to stop the behavior immediately. If the behavior is immediately terminated, no action will be taken against the student. If the student continues the rule-breaking behavior, ignores staff, or is belligerent to staff, the student will be asked to leave for the day. The student will be warned that another offense will result in suspension from Library use. Upon any second offense, the student will be asked to leave for the day and informed an incident report will be filed with Student Services. The Vice President of Student Services will send the student both an email to the official student email address and a letter via U.S. mail, notifying the student that he or she has been suspended from the Library. The terms of suspension will be outlined in the email/letter.