Rose Library - Cleveland Community College

Computer Network Use

Computer and Internet Use Procedures

Computer and internet access at Jim and Patsy Rose Library is provided for academic, personal, cultural, and computer in the Jim & Patsy Rose Libraryprofessional enrichment and in support of the mission of Cleveland Community College. Each patron who wishes to access the Internet in the library must have a valid Cleveland Community College ID/Library Card. Patrons who fail to follow the guidelines listed below risk the loss of their computer privileges.


  • All library patrons are responsible for using the library's computer and internet resources in an ethical and legal manner, and for abiding by the Computer Network Use Policy as stated in the Cleveland Community College Academic Bulletin and Student Handbook.
  • Students, faculty, and staff of the College, in accordance with the purpose of the Library, have priority for Internet and computer use. Highest priority is given to CCC classes meeting in the library for research purposes and CCC students completing course related assignments.
  • Library computers may not be used to play games or view material that may be considered inappropriate, offensive, or disturbing to others.
  • Library computers may not be used for the reproduction of materials protected by copyright without permission of the copyright owner.
  • Designated computers on Level 2 are for curriculum software use, course related group work, and Blackboard only.
  • No software may be downloaded or installed on Library computers. Students who need to install course-related programs should ask for assistance at the help desk on level two.
  • Persons who are neither students nor employees of the College may have access to a limited number of Library computers as long as this use does not infringe on the mission of the College or the purpose of the Library. This is limited to one hour.
  • The library reserves the right to limit computer access time and restrict community usage during periods of high demand.