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  Library of Congress Classes

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Library of Congress (LoC) Classification is a standard system of organization used by college and university libraries to categorize their materials.

Line 1a) HF
  • Describes the general subject of book.
    • ex) Commerce
Line 2b) 5415.13
  • Describes the specific subject.
    • ex) Marketing, Distribution of Products
Line 2) .D52
  • Represents the last name of author or the name of group.
    • ex) Dib, Allen
Line 3) 2018
  • Represents the publication year.


Image of a call number example. Written at top of image is the word "Example", then leading down the left side of image are the words "Line 1a" pointing to "HF", "Line 1b" pointing to "5415.13", "Line 2" pointing to ".D52", and "Line 3" pointing to 2018


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