Rose Library - Cleveland Community College

Lending Procedures

Library Cards

To borrow materials from the Jim and Patsy Rose Library you must have a C Card, the CCC student ID/library card. You qualify for a card if you are a student or staff member of the college.

To obtain a C Card you will need to have a photo ID and visit the circulation desk to have your picture taken. 


Your C card gives you access to a wealth of information. You can use it to borrow up to 10 books, videos, and /or other instructional materials.  You can also order materials from other community colleges via the online catalog, check the computer to see what materials you currently have, and when they are due, and use the computers in the library.

There are a few limitations, of course. In order to borrow materials, you must present your card at the circulation desk. In order to keep your card in good standing, we ask that you return materials on time. (You can renew materials if you need to keep them longer—but some interlibrary loan materials cannot be renewed.)

Item Type Loan Period
 Books  3 Weeks
 Videos and DVDS  2 Days
 CDs and Cassettes  1 Week
 Reserve Items  Per Instructor's Direction 

We don't charge fines to make money, but as a small incentive for borrowers to bring materials back on time. It is the library's responsibility to protect our materials, so students who have outstanding fines or overdue materials are blocked from registering and obtaining transcripts until their problems are resolved.

Late books and videos will eventually begin to accrue fines--books at a rate of $0.05 a day and videos at a rate of $1.00 a day. When a student/community patron returns a late book(s), forgive all fines over $1.00 for each book. For DVDs, forgive all fines over $5.00 for each DVD. 

Distance Education Students

If you are a distance learning student who lives outside of Cleveland County you can receive resources from the Library either by mail or copies by email. In order to receive this service you must register with the Library as an out-of-county distance education student. To register please contact Victoria Linder at 704-669-4086.


Instructors can place materials on reserve so that many students can have access. These materials are usually for library use only and can be borrowed at the circulation desk. Some computers are equipped with DVD-ROM drives and DVD playback software, but will require headphones (not supplied by the Library). Study rooms are also available for students to use to view materials on reserve.

In addition to course-specific reserves, there are some materials that only nursing students may borrow. These items are identified with blue dots on the spine or cover.