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Rose Library - Cleveland Community College


Banner with words "Library Behavior Policy"

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In order to use Jim and Patsy Rose Library computers, patrons must comply with the Library Behavior Policy detailed on this page.


Library users must comply with the College’s Student Code of Conduct and Computer Network Use Policy. In addition, students and visitors are asked to observe the following etiquette while in the Library:

  1. Carry a Student ID or a form of photo ID while in the Library.

  2. Be respectful of fellow patrons by keeping voices low and conversations to a minimum.  Study rooms are available for group study and projects.

  3. Move outside the Library to accept calls that require extended conversations.

  4. Vending machine snacks, other food and drinks can be eaten in the Library  Please leave no trace.

  5. Library users must comply with the College Policy 7.2 – Internet and Network Acceptable Use and Policy 7.6 – Peer-to-Peer-File Sharing.

  6. Library users, students, and community patrons must comply with behavior standards and orderly conduct listed in Policy 5.3.2 – Student Code of Conduct.