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Rose Library - Cleveland Community College

ACA 115 and 122

This guide will assist students enrolled in ACA

Research Companion Videos

The Research Process

Research is a cycle... 


Research: The process of gathering information that can serve as evidence to back up your argument.  Good research may not confirm what you think you know about your topic when you start out.  Direct quotes should support your thoughts and should not stand alone in a paragraph without explanation.



Thought Bubble Icon1. Think of a topic will open in a new window

Your topic may change as you conduct research.  Don't be afraid to revisit it!

Open Book Icon2. Develop your search strategy will open in a new window

Before you start searching in library resources, make sure you know what to search for, where, and how!

                            This diagram shows students where to begin their search when beginning an assignment.  They could look through books for detailed information, databases for analysis of a topic, and websites to find factual, basic information.


Books page on Rose Library Website.

Databases page on Rose Library Website.

Documents Icon3. Find Resources and Information will open in a newwindow

Locate scholarly articles and books on your topic.  Going through the Library to do this will make your life easier!

Check List Icon4. Evaluate will open in a new window 

Make sure the articles you find are: current, relevant to your topic, written by an expert author and for a scholarly audience, and written for the purpose of furthering the scholarly conversation (not for personal or financial gain).

Quotation Mark Icon5. Cite It!link will open in a new window

Determine how each article or book sheds new light on your topic.  What information do you learn from each resource that you didn't have before?

It's not a straight path...

Research is challenging.  You may have to repeat every step in the process a few times.  Don't get frustrated if your first topic turns out to be too broad, or if your early searches don't turn up any information.  By starting out with a plan, and keeping a Librarian on call, you can avoid frustration.

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